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Understand people with the IDEA audit

The IDEA audit is a mixed-method data collection and analysis tool that helps professionals and organizations to gather people’s perception of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.

The IDEA audit helps teams to deeply understand the perception people have about inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility in an organization or a specific environment and informs with data and insights future strategic design actions.

Use the IDEA audit with clients and organizations

The IDEA audit tool uses a people centred approach to understand:

  • Demographics: How personal, cultural and attitudinal factors vary across geographies, places and people.
  • Interactions: How people perceive and engage with objects and spaces.
  • Social dynamics: How people interact with each other across different spaces.

With this data, you can uncover how people engage with diversity and inclusion, what are their mental and physical well-being feelings, what motivates them and much more.

With the report and data analysis you’ll find essential information to create a bespoke design strategy to make people feel included and thrive.

Instructions for using the IDEA audit

If you are curious about the IDEA audit, but not sure about how it looks like, try our short sample pulse survey at this link and have a look at some of the questions that will help you identify the areas of exclusion and the challenges in your organization or a specific environment.

If you want to learn more how to use the IDEA audit, Contact us to arrange one or more of the following before and/or after you start a new project:

  • Administer a 6-minute pulse survey encompassing 3 subjects, 8 topics and up to 35 questions to identify areas of exclusion.
  • Administer a 18-minute in-depth survey encompassing 3 subjects, 8 topics, 26 themes, 59 sub-themes and up to 106 statements to take a snapshot of people’s views and perceptions regarding inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.
  • Analyse the data to discover issues that your project needs to resolve, or to track how well they have been resolved
  • Understand this data to uncover challenges and points of exclusion that people experience and make evidence-based decisions for planning future strategies and improve your designs.

Chose the best IDEA audit option for you

If the initial pulse survey highlights countless challenges, we suggest running an in-depth survey encompassing more than 55 areas of interest across inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility. Once we have mapped all the challenges, their causes and delivered insights with the IDEA audit report, we can further help you by running an expert-driven mixed-method audit, with observation, interviews, and environmental measurements to truly unlock the potential of Inclusive Design.

No matter what stage of the IDEA audit tool you would like to start with, we recommend running the surveys or mixed-method audit across the time with a regular cadence to allow teams and organizations to understand the improvement over the time and to discover what really matters to people.


The IDEA audit tool is:

  • A people-centred tool helping to capture people’s subjective attitudes
  • A data-driven tool based on scientific, validated approaches
  • An accurate tool that highlights points of exclusion
  • A scalable tool that allows people to focus on specific areas of improvement
  • An efficient tool that boosts understanding of data and people’s sense of inclusion and belonging
  • A future-proof tool that provides people value across the time


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